• Variety eyebrows

    Gallery for beautiful eyebrows

    I believe natural look and original hair on each clients

    Every customer wants different shape and the color

    I will make your eyebrows stunning and glowing 🌟

    Ask for special prices

    In Las Vegas Nevada🥰


    Machine work only hair strokes

    Ombré Brows

    Powder brows ombré technique

    Machine only

    Healed brows

    After 2 weeks healed brows 

    Microblading and shading 

    Natural look perfect brows

    Microblading and shading

    Combro brows

    Microblading and shading

    Retouch from other artist

    Beautiful inside outside lady(^^)

    She’s my first client in Nevada ❤️

    Microblading and shading

    Combo brows

    Microblading and shading

    Combo Brows

    Microblading and shading

    Combo brows

    Makeup by client and after Ai Brows

    Microblading and shading combo brows


    She got Microblading from another artist 3years ago

    Came to touchup by me

    Natural look Ai brows

    It doesn’t look like a tattoo

    It looks natural as possible

    Come see me!!!

    Book me by text or call 310-462-1112

    Microblading and shading

    Combo Brows

    Combo Brows,

    Happy client!!! Made me happy, too

    Needle and color technique

    Microblading and shading

    Combo brows


    Eyeliner tattoo top and bottom

    Machine and manual pen work

    Removal, 除去

    old tattoo done by another artist


    Needle technique 針のみの除去

    Touchup, retouch

    Microblading and shading combo

    Happy client

    Touchup, retouch correction

    Permanent makeup done 3 times by another artist before she found me

    She was funny and happy positive client 💕

  • Master educator

    Kyu Sensei from Japan

    Kyu Sensei

    Permanent makeup educator since 2003

    Kyu was born and raised in Japan

    Nail salon and academy BELOVEDNAILS

    Since 2000 to 2012

    Educator for nails, hair extensions and permanent makeup

    Beauty education center since 2015

    Microblading and shading mastered in 2015

    Educated by Selen Shenalp in London in 2018

    Las Vegas and New York started in 2019

    Different Locations for education seminars are available!!! Ask for more details

    Eyelashes are gorgeous

    Eyelash specialists are waiting on you!!!

    We’re located in Nevada

    Free parking and high quality technique is here in Las Vegas

    Feel free to call us book your appointment💕

    Permanent makeup room

    Eyebrows, eyeliners, full lips and any permanent makeup services

    Available for training to be professional pmu artists in Las Vegas Nevada

    Eyelash stations for gorgeous ladies

    All you asked for your eyelashes, professional eyelash artists are waiting on you! Cat eyes, volume or doll eyes extensions..

    There’s discount for member ship.

    Ask at front desk for your benefit.

    Clothing store

    Chanel bags, swimming suits and beautiful dresses are here..

    All beautiful ladies deserve to be here!!!

    Get lashes, brows and clothes..etc (^,^)//

    Come check high fashion and pretty salon..

    I’m waiting on you(@.@)

    Waiting area

    While you’re waiting, relax and make yourself comfortable

    I will see you shortly

    Feel free to come in and ask for Kyu

    By appointment only

    I apologize for the inconvenience for not take any walk in, because I educate in Los Angeles and San Diego, too.

    I might not in the city.

    If you want to get services by me, please book me first. I please you!!!

    Thank you for understanding||(•.•)\\

    Front desk

    Receptionist will be here waiting on you

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at the front desk.

    Please make appointment before you come in to enroll in any education courses or permanent makeup services with me.

  • Prices for cosmetic tattoos and semi permanent makeup  

    Ask for season discount only

    Prices are not negotiable

    If you’re late for 15 mins, your appointment might cancel

    Please be on time

    Thank you for understanding 💕

    Price list for Eyebrows

    Microblading $350

    Microshading (powder ombré brows) $395

    Microblading and shading combo. $450

    Retouch for less than 3 months $250

    Retouch for more than 3 months or

    Retouch from other artist from $275~ $350

    Correction from another artist $350~ $450

    (Depends on the condition and skin type)

    Price list for Eyeliner and Shadow

    Eyeliner top $300

    Eyeliner top and bottom $400

    Eyeliner and Shadow different colors $550

    Retouch for less than 3 months $200

    Retouch for more than 3 months or

    Retouch from other artist from $245~ $295

    (Depends on the condition and skin type)

    Price list for Lip

    Full lip $600

    Retouch for less than 3 months $355

    Retouch for more than 3 months or

    Retouch from other artist from $395~ $495

    (Depends on the condition and skin type)

    Price list for Hair sculp

    Hair line $500~$800

    Hair dots for spots $350~ $1,200

    Retouch for less than 3 months $355~$550

    Retouch for more than 3 months $350~$750

    (Depends on the condition and skin type)

    Consultation needed and sign



    Higher quality education for pmu

    Classes are available now!!!

    Eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, hair sculptures also men brows. Any permanent makeup services are here in Henderson Gorgeous Lash Lounge



    Eyebrow technique and knowledge

    Microblading technique is very delicate and sensitive techniques. I see too many technicians just cut and make scars on the beautiful client’s skins.

    I’ve learned and have experiences with advanced career.


    My education is not only brow mapping and shaping. I support and educate professionals for to be a professional eyebrow or PMU artist.


    Eyeliners, lips and hair sculpture skills

    This permanent makeup industry is growing

    Let’s make money with this pmu business🤑

    Price list for Classes

    Microblading $1,795 Supplies $250

    Microshading $1,995. Supplies $475

    Eyebrows professional combo $2,995

    Eyeliner and shadow $2,495

    Lip $2,495

    Hair sculpture $2,495


    All of the classes except Microblading Supplies are same price $475 not included in the seminar price

    Please register your classes 2-4 weeks before your classes are starts

    We don’t carry Supplies

    Please give us time to prepare your supplies

  • Location and contact information

    Las Vegas Nevada

    310-462-1112 or 702-718-1433

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